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Chronos is a Web agenda/calendar for Intranets (even if it can be used from anywhere). It can send reminders by email. You can schedule multi-user events. It is fast and light on resources (the balance size/speed can be tweaked by tweaking mod_perl and Apache).

See a screenshot of Chronos.

Download Chronos here! The current stable release is (released 2002/09/17).

You can access the new Sourceforge project page here.

Why write yet another web agenda?

All others are one of these:

Chronos is not

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Chronos is released under the GPL. LQT Systems is the copyright holder and is backing the development of this software. Chronos's look is based on Prospector, whose look is based on Sun's agenda. The look has been enhanced with the power of style sheets, while always being careful to stay as close as possible to HTML 4.01.

The following browsers are compatible with HTML 4.01 and CSS2 and therefore can be used to view Chronos as it was intended to be viewed:

The following browsers can display Chronos relatively correctly, though some features will look uglier:

These browsers are too old/dumb and therefore Chronos looks ugly on them:

Other browsers have not been tested. Send email to if you want one of them to be included in this list. Note that all browsers should be able to at least display Chronos as we try to be standards-compliant. Particularly, text browsers can be used to access Chronos.

Lastly, Chronos is not buggy. All time calculations are done with Date::Calc. You will not find yourself clicking on the first of the next month and getting sent to the first of the current month. And Chronos benefits from the Open Source movement: many eyes can fix many bugs. If you find a bug (even if Chronos is definitively not buggy), send email to It should be squashed within a day.

This release

Choosing Dutch in 1.1.6 caused the server to crash. Woops!

1.1.6 features the new Dutch translation (thanks to Remco B. Brink!!) along with some bugfixes. As usual, check the ChangeLog for details.

Chronos is currently available in the following languages:

Older releases

New icons, new Swedish translation, couple of bugfixes, URLs and email addresses highlighted as clickable links, and others. fixes another major bug that would cause the date at the top of a day view to be always today. fixes a major bug that would print 0:00 for any event in month and week views.

New Portuguese translation by Augusto Cesar Sandoval. Cosmetic and non-cosmetic bugfixes. Most date formats are now customizable. It is now possible to run multiple Chronos servers on the same system. More user-friendly confirmation email.

remindd simply didn't work in 1.1.2, it does now in 1.1.3. Sorry.

1.1.2 brings minor bugfixes and visual enhancements. Apache::DBI does not complain anymore, meaning that Chronos is installable by CPAN and installation will be overall easier.

1.1.1 fixes some minor bugs that inevitably appear in .0 releases.

1.1.0 brings major feature enhancements: file attachments, participant management, events with no time associated, more intuitive status management and locale-dependant holidays. Minor documentation, installation and look issues have also been fixed.

1.0.4 features two new translations: German by Peer Oliver Schmidt and Norwegian by Tarjei Knapstad. Minor installation bugs have been squashed.

1.0.3 introduces the Italian translation by Enzo Bontempo, fixes some language issues and minor display glitches. This could be the last 1.0.x release, unless translations for other languages get written.

1.0.2 fixes some language issues (sorry English speakers), has better installation instructions and an easter egg.

1.0.1 is an early release. It is fully working but lacks documentation. This will be addressed in 1.0.2, which should be out shortly. Also, this software was developed by French-speaking people so there may be some artifacts of that in various places in the code. This will surely disappear over time.

1.0 was fully working but a few cosmetic bugs had to be ironed out.

Future releases

1.2.0 will have the following features:

Future plans/dreams:

You can access the CVS repository here


2002-8-25 - Chronos has appeared in the Québec Express newspaper. See the scan.


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Chronos praise

Just wanted to say that CHRONOS is really great. My employees were asking me for a scheduling system and I was getting to the point of considering moving from a linux mail server to a Microsoft Exchange environment!! Thanks to you, I am still on Linux!
-- Robert Masse, GoSecure Inc.

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